I’m interested in booking a band. How do I get started?

If you’re reading this, you’re off to a great start! On this website you’ll find a ton of information about the fantastic musicians, bands and DJ’s we represent, including videos, photos, music samples, and more. For availability and price quotes, or to discuss which of our bands might be the best fit for you, please complete our info request form or call our office at 631.335.2390 to provide some basic information about your plans. We will respond quickly (generally within one business day) to discuss the details of your event, offer band recommendations and direct you to their demo materials on our site.

Our goal is to offer you great band recommendations, answer all of your questions, provide as much information and advice as you may want, and generally do our very best to make the band selection process both fun and stress-free!

Why should I hire a band through jack morelli music?

jack morelli music is passionate about providing impeccable music for each client’s celebration. We offer a wide variety of fun, unique, and experienced bands that have a proven record of dependability and the ability to delight guests at any sort of special event. We have years of experience helping our clients pick the perfect band, and we take pride in being responsive, listening to your needs, asking good questions, and helping you find the best musical match for your event. And after you’ve booked your band, we stay in touch with you to help facilitate communication and organization of details as your event approaches.

How much do bands cost?

We have a band for almost every budget, and we will help you find one that makes the most sense for you. Local jazz combos or acoustic bands may cost between $750 and $1500, On average, most great dance bands for weddings or special events are likely to cost between $2500 and $8500 while the region’s most popular and exclusive party bands may cost $10,000 or more.

Excellent DJ’s cost between $1,000 and $2,500

This range we mentioned for bands and DJ’s are intended to be a helpful guideline as you gather information, rather than a price quote. The actual price of a band for any specific event will depend on factors such as the size and popularity of the band, the season and date of the event, the location of the event and travel distance for the band, and the equipment and logistical requirements of the performance. Please contact us for specific price quotes.

Does a band provide all their instruments and sound equipment?

Bands provide instruments and sound equipment at almost all weddings and special events. This equipment typically provides an appropriate level of sound for up to several hundred guests, and is included in the price of the band.

Does the band provide lighting? If so, what kind?

many bands do provide lighting while other wedding and special event bands do not. Some provide a basic lighting system which includes one or more light stands and generally illuminates the band’s performance area. It is not intended as decor lighting for the whole event space, such as up lighting for walls or tented areas or spotlighting on tables or dance floor areas.

If a client desires extensive lighting, we will be happy to arrange for them to speak with one of the lighting vendors we work with.

Please note that many smaller bands, such  as acoustic, bluegrass or jazz groups typically do not provide lighting.

How long can I expect the band to play?

Wedding and special events bands typically charge one fee for up to a 4-hour "block" of event time (ex. 7pm - 11pm), which includes the band's performance sets and any breaks. Most dance and party bands do not charge on a per-hour basis, the way soloists or smaller musical acts sometimes do. All wedding and special event party bands that bring their own sound equipment can DJ a pre-set playlist on these breaks via iPod or mp3 player that either the band or you can provide. Bands will always attempt to schedule any break around a "natural break" in the event schedule, such as dinner service, speeches or toasts, cake cutting, etc. (usually 3-4 sets), and breaks averaging 15-each (2-3 breaks). Every band will always try to adjust their performance set and break schedule to fit the flow of your event. Some bands also offer a three-hour continuous music (no breaks) booking option, and most bands can offer overtime options beyond four hours for an additional fee.

What does the band’s fee include?

We want our band bookings to be as all-inclusive as possible. Typically, a band fee includes the following:

o   up to four hours of contracted time from start to finish including performance      sets and breaks.

o   all instruments and sound/lighting equipment

o   equipment set-up prior to event and breakdown afterward

o   travel and lodging expenses

How far in advance should I book a band?

Weddings and special events planned on Saturdays during the spring and fall seasons often book one year or more in advance. We usually start hearing from clients planning for the most popular Saturday dates well over a year in advance, and the general booking season for bands in the wedding and special event industry is usually eight to 15 months before a Saturday or holiday weekend event date. Events on days other than Saturdays typically do not book quite as far in advance. We work with many clients who plan events (even weddings) on a shorter timeline (two to six months in advance) and we usually have some great bands to recommend for any date, even last minute. As a general guideline, the most popular and in-demand bands often get booked early and fewer acts are available for events booked closer to the date. So the further in advance you can book, the more options you’ll have to consider. Get started early! But remember, its never too early or too late to call us to discuss music.

I’m ready to book a band. What happens now?

When you are ready to book your band, we will request the information from you that we need to prepare a contract, and send you the contract documents by email. We ask that you sign and return the contract documents along with a deposit, generally within one week unless other arrangements are necessary. In most cases, band bookings require a 50% advance deposit, but that may vary at times depending on the nature of the event and how far in advance it is booked. The bandleader will sign the contract as well, and we will send you a completed copy for your records. Once we have received your signed contract documents and deposit, you can rest easy, knowing that you’ve officially booked your band.

I’m not sure if we should hire a live band or a DJ.

Live bands offer the excitement of a show.

DJ’s are usually less costly and have a vast selection of songs to play which will sound exactly like the artist recorded it.

Recently, we have been offering both live band w a DJ to clients, to get the best of both worlds.

If you are undecided, call us to discuss the benefits of using a live band or a DJ for your celebration.

Do you book musicians for wedding ceremonies too? Can my reception band also play either at my ceremony or cocktail hour?

jack morelli music primarily offers live music for festive occasions like wedding receptions and other parties that need a fun band to get people dancing. Some reception bands do offer ceremony and cocktail music options, and we can provide more details. If your band does not offer this, we will provide you with musicians for the ceremony and cocktail hour and show you the many options available.

What is the etiquette on feeding and tipping the band?

Both feeding the band ( a vendor meal is always less costly than a guest’s meal) and tipping is entirely up to each client’s discretion. Having said that, meals and gratuities are always appreciated.

Have any other questions, thoughts or concerns?

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