giving back to the community

no matter your style - or your budget - let's help out

not for profits rely on us

some people have been members of certain not for profits for years, and often they see the same entertainment their annual events

not for profits love to work with us because we understand that one of their main jobs is to keep their members happy. we insure that each event has new/fresh music and themes

When working with jack morelli music we will discuss what type of mood is desired for each  event and then we come up with innovative solutions. 

we will do whatever it takes to help you night be a success assist your agency to raise as much as possible

All size groups are available: solo artists to a 19-piece big band.


traditional ~ trendy ~ offbeat  ~ celebrate your style

during your reception/dinner, your choices are endless. you can have anything your heart desires. once again, you can request any style of live music you can think of, or have a DJ, or have both.

you can ask for a night filled with special announcements, very few announcements, or none at all. 

to see more examples of music, please go to our 'media page'. it's impossible to list every option available. if you don't see what you want, just ask. that's what we do!


raising money and awareness is hard work, we will ensure you enjoy your galas