Quite often, clients have many questions since they are concerned about the etiquette of dealing with a band, how the night will transpire and they want to know what's expected and what to expect.

Here are a few typical questions, if you have others, please contact us:

How much shall we tip the band? Tipping is ALWAYS optional and ALWAYS appreciated. Tipping is a way to show the musicians that you were extremely happy with them in general; their performance, their appearance, their professionalism, and willingness to accommodate them. How much is totally up to you it can be 10%-20% or $20-$50-$100 per man.

Should we feed the band? Once again, totally optional. Since musicians don't usually have time on a break for a full meal, a "vendor meal" is very affordable and will be greatly appreciated.

How long are breaks? Usually a break is about 15 minutes long. Some "quiet time" is actually nice to encourage guests conversations, or the band can play some music of your choice from an iPod and create any mood you desire.