A while back, I was playing at a party at the Carlyle Hotel NYC and a chef came charging out of the kitchen and ran over to the band. I asked if everything was ok and he said, yes, I want to hire you for my wedding. He turned out to be the head chef of the Carlyle and I was flattered. The next week, I met with him and his fiance;  they were a handsome couple-he was Italian and she was Russian, both with heavy accents.

When I asked what kind of music they wanted, she said Russian. I asked how many guests were invited, and she said 250, I asked how many of them were Russian and she replied 4. I took a deep breath and suggested they consider various styles of music- some jazz, blues, rock, pop-basically something to please the entire crowd. I then suggested that during our breaks, we would play prerecorded Russian music of their choice.

Her eyes it up and she said that was a good idea since they have been taking dance lessons. So, the day finally came, we played our first set and the entire crowd loved the music. Then our break came and we played Russian waltzes, the crowd sat down and the couple began to dance on the empty dance floor. It was amazing; it was like a scene from a movie. They looked beautiful and we helped them create a special memory. At the end of the wedding they sincerely thanked me for helping them come up with the right choices for their music.